VGC19 Sun Series – Sample Teams

This is a list of sample teams that new players can use to help them get straight into playing the VGC19 Sun Series format.

We believe these teams are a great starting point for any player getting into VGC, or needing ideas for a team! We encourage you to use these teams as a guide for making your very own team, however, this list is far from comprehensive, so don’t let it stifle your own creativity!

This document will be updated as the metagame progresses, so it will stay relevant throughout the entire season.

  • Post published on October 9 2018
  • October 9 – Added teams from: Angel Miranda, Brian Youm, Willem Geurt, Kyle Livinghouse, Andrew Burley (created by Tommy Cooleen), Justin Burns / Justin Crubaugh, JediR, Zach Carlson, Enosh Shachar, Nicholas Borgui (created by Vincent Montalvo)
  • October 19 – Added teams from: Gunnar Sverdrup, Giovanni Cischke, HibikiVGC, Nicholas Borghi, Riccardo Appamea
  • October 31 – Added teams from: Malcolm Mackellar, Paolo Livella, Riley Factura, Nicholas Borghi, Enosh Scachar
  • November 9 – Added article links for Riccardo and Riley. Added 3x teams for Riley including 2x Premier Challenge Wins and 1x MSS Win
  • December 1 – Added teams from: Mark Jackson, Palo, Flavio Del Pidio, Gabriel Duran
If you’ve had a top cut finish at an event, or want to share a team that you’ve had success with so that it can be added to our Sample Teams, please fill out the following:

Paolo Livella
3rd San Donà MSS
2nd Place Alicante MSS

Enosh Shachar
2nd Place PC Team

Angel Miranda
Top 4 Philadelphia Regional
Brian Youm
Top 8 Philadelphia Regional
Willem Geurt
Top 8 Frankfurt Regional
Riley Factura
1st place California PC
Flavio Del Pidio
Top 8 Philadelphia Regional

Mark Jackson
Top 4 Roanoke Regional

Andrew Burley (Created by Tommy Cooleen)
2nd Place Philadelphia Regional
Giovanni Cischke
Top 8 Memphis MSS

Kyle Livinghouse
Top 8 Philadelphia Regional

Malcolm Mackellar
Viral Team

Riccardo Appamea
Top 16 Frankfurt Regionals

Gunnar Sverdrup
1st Place MSS
Riley Factura
1st Place Oregon, USA Regionals
Riley Factura
1st Place California MSS

Justin Burns and Justin Crubaugh
1st Place and Top 8 Philadelphia Regional
Nicholas Borghi
Nicholas Borghi
Top 4 MSS Team

Zach Carlson
Top 16 Philadelphia Regional

Psychic Spam Offense
Gabriel Duran
1st Place Lima PC

Riley Factura
1st Place California PC

Enosh Shachar
Top 8 Philadelphia Regional

Nicholas Borghi (Created by Vincent Montalvo)
Top 32 Philadelphia Regional


  1. I think the paste of Chuppa Cross’s team might be wrong, as it has two Pokemon with Assault Vest in it.

  2. Most of the sets on Chuppa’s team are incorrect, the team he used was identical to the one I used and wrote about here (feel free to link to it if you’d like). Also I finished Top 16 at the same regional.

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