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VGC 2017 Speed Tiers

The standard ruleset for VGC 2017 has been announced, and with all these new pokemon to work around, it’s more important than ever to fine-tune your own team’s EVs to outrun the right threats. While together they look a bit like a reference table in a mathematics textbook, Speed tiers are what drive turns in Pokémon. Knowing whether your Pokémon is going to move before or after its opponents is essential to winning battles and avoiding unnecessary damage. This list should help you get a feel for the relative Speed of each Pokémon and what nearby threats are faster or slower than them, thereby making it easier for you to construct your team.

Here are some helpful hints about Speed before the table:

  • Discounting the bonuses and penalties of a Pokémon’s Nature, the difference between a 0 IV in Speed and a 31 IV is 15 points in Speed and the difference between 0 EVs and 252 EVs in Speed is 32 points with an odd IV or 31 with an even IV.
  • Choice Scarf boosts Speed by one level (*1.5). Tailwind boosts Speed by two levels (*2). Thunder Wave reduces speed to 1/2. Icy Wind reduces Speed by one level (2/3). Iron Ball reduces Speed by two levels (2/4).
  • A Pokémon’s Speed is always a whole number. Like most of the math in Pokémon, Speed calculations round down, so a Pokémon with 101 Speed would have 151 Speed when holding a Choice Scarf, not 151.5 or 152.
  • The turn order of Pokémon is decided before a turn starts, with the exception of Mega Evolution mechanics (which aren’t particularly relevant in VGC 2017 anyway). If you use a move that changes a Pokémon’s Speed level (like Icy Wind) you retain the Speed value you had before the turn started until the next turn. The only exception to this rule is the move Quash.
  • There is a 50/50 chance of each Pokémon moving first if two Pokémon have the same Speed. This is some of how Speed Tiers got their name, though Game Freak has enjoyed putting Pokémon at a much greater variety of Speeds in recent iterations of the game compared to the older games, when any popular Pokémon were tied at base speeds like 100.
  • In the tables below, a boost level of 1 typically signifies either a Choice Scarf or an actual boost in the Speed stat, either by Speed Boost or a move like Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance. A boost level of 2 signifies either two turns of Speed Boost or a weather-related boost. You can check exactly how a Pokemon has been boosted in the Remarks column.

Every Pokémon listed below has either 0 or 252 EVs in Speed and a 31 or 0 IV in Speed. In real life, you’ll probably see more variance than this, so what a list like this really does is help you find absolutes: these are the fastest and slowest Pokémon can be with the given Natures. Since taking unnecessary risks tends to be the fastest way to lose in Pokémon, you can use this information when planning your team to make sure that your Pokémon will move before important threats that can knock your Pokémon out, or if that is unreasonable or impossible, to know when defeat could be a turn away and you need to switch out to a more appropriate counter to fend it off.

This list can also help you figure out how much Speed you really need: if all the things you want to counter only require your Pokémon to invest 100 EVs in Speed, you’re probably going to want to invest the rest of your EVs defensively instead of running more Speed EVs that might not accomplish very much.

Max Speed StatPokémonNatureEVsBoostBase SpeedRemarks
360Lycanroc-MiddayPositive2522112Sand Rush
356Alolan RaichuPositive2522110Surge Surfer
328Lycanroc-MiddayNeutral2522112Sand Rush
300GolduckPositive252285Swift Swim
294SharpedoNeutral252295Speed Boost
289RibombeePositive2521124Quiver Dance
274GolduckNeutral252285Swift Swim
268PoliwrathPositive252270Swift Swim
267TaurosPositive2521110Choice Scarf
264StoutlandNeutral252280Sand Rush
264RibombeeNeutral2521124Quiver Dance
256Alolan SandslashPositive252265Slush Rush
250SalamencePositive2521100Choice Scarf
244PoliwrathNeutral252270Swift Swim
241Tapu LelePositive252195Choice Scarf
234Alolan SandslashNeutral252265Slush Rush
234Porygon-Z, LilligantPositive252190Choice Scarf
231GarchompNeutral2521102Choice Scarf
228SalamenceNeutral2521100Choice Scarf
225Kommo-oPositive252185Dragon Dance
222XurkitreePositive252 183Choice Scarf / Beast Boost
220Tapu LeleNeutral252195Choice Scarf
220SharpedoNeutral252195Speed Boost
219GyaradosPositive252181Dragon Dance
217Dragonite, Braviary, Passimian, Masquerain, StoutlandPositive252180Choice Scarf
216KrookodileNeutral252192Choice Scarf
213Porygon-Z, LilligantNeutral252190Choice Scarf
208SmearglePositive252175Choice Scarf
205Kommo-oNeutral252185Dragon Dance
202XurkitreeNeutral252 183Choice Scarf
201Politoed, CloysterPositive252170Choice Scarf
200Crobat, Aerodactyl, Jolteon, Tapu KokoPositive2520130
200DrifblimNeutral0 EVs280Unburden
199GyaradosNeutral252181Dragon Dance
198Dragonite, Braviary, Passimian, Masquerain, StoutlandNeutral252180Choice Scarf
189Alakazam, Minior-CorePositive2520120
184Sylveon, MagnezonePositive252160Choice Scarf
183Starmie, Alolan PersianPositive2520115
182Crobat, Aerodactyl, Jolteon, Tapu KokoNeutral2520130
178Gengar, Raichu, Espeon, Tauros, Froslass, Alolan Raichu, Alolan DugtrioPositive2520110
177Alolan NinetalesPositive2520109
172Alakazam, Minior-CoreNeutral2520120
168CarracostaNeutral252232Swift Swim
167Starmie, Alolan PersianNeutral2520115
167Salamence, Ninetales, ComfeyPositive2520100
162Togedemaru, MimikyuPositive252096
162Gengar, Raichu, Espeon, Tauros, Froslass, Alolan Raichu, Alolan DugtrioNeutral2520110
161Sharpedo, Arcanine, Leafeon, Silvally, Tapu LelePositive252095
161Alolan NinetalesNeutral2520109
158Krookodile, BruxishPositive252092
156Lucario, Kangaskhan, Porygon-Z, LilligantPositive252090
152Salamence, Ninetales, ComfeyNeutral2520100
150Pinsir, Kommo-o, Tapu FiniPositive252085
148Togedemaru, MimikyuNeutral252096
147Sharpedo, Arcanine, Leafeon, Silvally, Tapu LeleNeutral252095
145Dragonite, Braviary, Passimian, Masquerain, Stoutland, DrifblimPositive252080
144Krookodile, BruxishNeutral252092
142Lucario, Kangaskhan, Porygon-Z, LilligantNeutral252090
139Smeargle, Tapu BuluPositive252075
137Pinsir, Kommo-o, Tapu FiniNeutral252085
134Metagross, Politoed, Cloyster, Poliwrath, DecidueyePositive252070
133Gyarados, MiloticNeutral252081
132Dragonite, Goodra, Braviary, Glalie, Passimian, Masquerain, Stoutland, DrifblimNeutral252080
128Scizor, Pelipper, Alolan SandslashPositive252065
127Tapu BuluNeutral252075
123Sylveon, Magnezone, Clefable, Lapras, Incineroar, Primarina, Toucannon, Bewear, Oranguru, MiniorPositive252060
122Metagross, Politoed, Cloyster, Poliwrath, DecidueyeNeutral252070
120Salamence, Ninetales, ComfeyNeutral00100
117Scizor, Glaceon, Komala, Pelipper, Alolan SandslashNeutral252065
116Togedemaru, MimikyuNeutral0096
115Arcanine, Silvally, Tapu LeleNeutral0095
112Krookodile, BruxishNeutral0092
112Sylveon, Magnezone, Clefable, Lapras, Incineroar, Primarina, Toucannon, Bewear, Oranguru, MiniorNeutral252060
108WhimsicottNegative0 EVs, 0 IV0116
105Pinsir, Kommo-o, Tapu FiniNeutral0085
101Gyarados, MiloticNeutral0081
100Dragonite, Goodra, Braviary, Mandibuzz, Glalie, Drifblim, Passimian, MasquerainNeutral0080
95Klefki, Tapu BuluNeutral0075
90Metagross, Politoed, Cloyster, Poliwrath, DecidueyeNeutral0070
85Scizor, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Komala, Pelipper, Alolan SandslashNeutral0065
85KangaskhanNegative0 EVs, 0 IV090
81MisdreavusNegative0 EVs, 0 IV085
80Sylveon, Porygon2, Magnezone, Clefable, Lapras, Incineroar, Primarina, Toucannon, Bewear, Oranguru, MiniorNeutral0060
75Machamp, Blissey, ExeggutorNeutral0055
72Smeargle, Tapu BuluNegative0 EVs, 0 IV075
70Sableye, Hariyama, Chansey, Muk, Alolan MukNeutral0050
67Metagross, Politoed, Cloyster, Poliwrath, DecidueyeNegative0 EVs, 0 IV070
65Marowak, Wigglytuff, Gumshoos, Lurantis, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Golem, Alolan MarowakNeutral0045
63Vikavolt, CrabominableNeutral0043
63Scizor, Glaceon, Komala, Pelipper, Alolan SandslashNegative0 EVs, 0 IV065
60Golisopod, DhelmiseNeutral0040
58Sylveon, Porygon2, Magnezone, Clefable, Lapras, Incineroar, Primarina, Toucannon, Bewear, Oranguru, MiniorNegative0 EVs, 0 IV060
54Machamp, ExeggutorNegative0 EVs, 0 IV055
54TrevenantNegative0 EVs, 0 IV056
49Sableye, Hariyama, Alolan MukNegative0 EVs, 0 IV050
49Toxapex, Mudsdale, PallosandNeutral0035
45Marowak, Wigglytuff, Gumshoos, Lurantis, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Golem, Alolan MarowakNegative0 EVs, 0 IV045
43GuzzlordNegative0 EVs, 0 IV043
43Vikavolt, CrabominableNegative0 EVs, 0 IV043
42AraquanidNegative0 EVs, 0 IV042
41DrampaNeutral0 EVs, 0 IV036
40Golisopod, DhelmiseNegative0 EVs, 0 IV040
39GastrodonNegative0 EVs, 0 IV039
36Turtonator, DrampaNegative0 EVs, 0 IV036
36Toxapex, Mudsdale, PallosandNegative0 EVs, 0 IV035
33CarracostaNegative0 EVs, 0 IV032
31Slowbro, Slowking, Snorlax, Parasect, Wishiwashi-School, ShiinoticNegative0 EVs, 0 IV030
27GigalithNegative0 EVs, 0 IV025
22TorkoalNegative0 EVs, 0 IV020
9PyukumukuNegative0 EVs, 0 IV05


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  1. I was disappointed when Nugget Bridge didn’t have a VGC ’17 speed tier list, but this helps immensely!

  2. Where’s scyther? theres scizor, but no scyther. yes i searched.

    • Sorry for the slightly late response—this list only includes Pokemon which are likely to be at least somewhat viable. Since Scyther has pretty much nothing going for it, it is an intended omission from this list.

  3. Is Level 1 Smeargle possible? I thought the new format levels everything up to Level 50 automatically.

  4. Drampa: Neutral/ 0 IVS/ 0 EVS = 41 speed
    Why have 50 speed?

  5. How are you supposed to get regular ninetales and exeggutor? I notice both of those on there and that kinda bugs me. Especially since chlorophyll exeggutor + drought ninetales would be a threat to prepare for, yet doesn’t exist in the meta because its illegal……

  6. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or not, but I can’t seem to find Stoutland anywhere – surely with sand rush it’d be somewhere up there.

  7. i can’t find golduck here :/

  8. +1 tapu lele is missing for modest and timid

  9. Xurkitree cannot boost its speed with Beast Boost; Max Speed is 148 while Min SpA is 160. That’s using a Jolly Nature as well. Beast Boost will always boost SpA.

  10. Drifblim after the unburden boost is missing

  11. Chlorophyll Exeggutor is illegal this gen. Also, you should add +1 Oricorio and +1 Pheromosa, as well as -1 Snorlax after Curse

  12. scarf pheromosa is missing

  13. Rampardos, Bastiodon and Archeops are not here

  14. Sorry for the silly ask but couldn’t you add Choice Scarfed Metagross,Decidueye and Kartana?
    Deci and Metagross are 1 point over Tapu Koko Timid 252 and Kartana is faster than Pheromosa I think…
    Sorry for bothering

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