Trainer Tower London Challenge 2017


Sam Pandelis (Zelda) recently hosted an online grassroots tournament, with the goal of giving the winner an opportunity to fly to London for the European International Championships that will be held in November. Players from all around the world competed in this event for a chance at the prize money being offered, and while there can only be one winner, it is worth congratulating all the participants that helped make this tournament successful!

You can find the full bracket and list of participants here.

Thank you to Battlefy for providing the space to host the event.

Entry Fee : $15.00 USD

Number of Entrants :14These are the teams of each player that made it to the Top Cut (X-2 or greater record) rounds.

You can also view the stream archive with commentary from Ezrael, Mean, Lunarr, DaWoblefet, Chuppa and LightCore at .

Placing Player Prize Money Team Used
 1st Justin Carris $1650
 2nd Jamie Boyt $210 f:id:Yuuichi_u1:20170619221113p:plain
 3rd Roel van der Heijden
$110 Alola Form  
 4th Shota $110
 5th William Tansley  
 6th Lukas Muller
 7th Dylan Salvenera
 8th Martin Gajdosz
9th Jonathan Marston
10th Jana Brahimi
11th Alex Gomez Berna 
12th Greg Rowson Form
13th Labhaoisa Cromie
14th Oliver Eskolin
15th Alessio Yuri Boschetto
16th Jamie Dixon
17th Takuya Yonemura
18th Flavio del Pidio
19th Maddo
20th Mau Madrigal
21st Matthew Jackson
22nd Caitlin Beach
  Alola Form

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  1. How often are these online tournaments held?

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