Introducing the Trainer Tower Circuit

Introducing the Trainer Tower Circuit! The team at Trainer Tower are happy to annnounce our first online VGC Circuit this year, with various events for players all around the world! These events have multiple formats including standard VGC, previous formats, team tournaments and more.


The circuit will be split into 4 blocks, each dictating the time frame for larger events. The blocks are as follows:

  • Block 1: January 1st 2017 – February 28th 2018
  • Block 2:  March 1st 2018 – May 31st
  • Block 3: June 1st – World Championships (Mid August 2018)
  • Block 4: 1st September – October 31st

All Block 1 Events and their details will be posted on the Circuit forum, which can be found here.

  Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Team Cup


Subscription Fee

  • In order to entice players, we are introducing a subscription fee for the circuit. All money will be going towards the prize pool for the Trainer Tower Invitational, or into other community initiatives.
  • All players wanting to compete in the 2018 Trainer Tower Circuit will need to pay a one-off $15 USD (plus PayPal fees) subscription fee.
  • The one-off fee gives the player entry into the circuit including: Grinders, Throwbacks, the Team Cup and potentially more events to be announced at a later date.
  • All players from all countries are eligible to enter.

To enter, fill out the form below:


Once filled out, you can pay through PayPal here: Please do not change USD to your local currency! 

Event Information

The Trainer Tower Circuit will consist of 5 different events with each event will be explained in detail below.

Trainer Tower Open
Team Cup
Trainer Tower Invitational

Staff – TO Applications

To ensure the Trainer Tower Circuit is a success, we are looking for dedicated TOs from all around the world to be able to run events in every timezone!

All details on signing up to be a TO can be found here. 

We look forward to seeing where we can take the Trainer Tower Circuit in 2018!


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