Oceania International Championships

The Oceania International Championships have come to a close, and these are the teams that made it to Day 2 and beyond!

Note : Pokemon followed by a / were removed during hack check due to a mistake on the player’s team sheet.

Top Cut

1st.  Zoe Lou (10-4 Swiss): 

2nd. https://i1.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/italyflag.png?resize=32%2C32 Nico Davide Cognetta (12-2 Swiss):

3rd. ukflag Ben Kyriakou (11-3 Swiss): 

4th.  Luke Curtale (11-3 Swiss): Alola Form

5th. argentinaflag Sebastian Escalante (12-2 Swiss):

6th. usflag Nick Navarre (12-2 Swiss): 

7th. usflag Tommy Cooleen (11-3 Swiss): Alola Form

8th. germanyflag Baris Akcos (11-3 Swiss):Alola Form

Finished 10-4

9th. usflag Wolfe Glick: Alola Form

10th. usflag Chuppa Cross IV: 

11th. spainflag Miguel Marti de la Torre: 

12th.  Nelson Lim: 

13th. usflag Ashton Cox:

14th.  Daniel Parks: 

15th. ukflag William Tansley:  

Finished 9-5

16th. singaporeflaf Melvin Keh:Alola Form

17th.  Che-Ming-Tsao: Alola FormAlola Form

18th.  Duh Jenn-Chau: 

19th. spainflag Alex Gomez: 

20th. germanyflag Markus Stadter:

21st. italyflag Alessio Yuri Boschetto: 

22nd. japanflag Tomoyuki Yoshimura:

23rd.  Matthew Hui: 

24th.  Sean Ronzani:Alola FormAlola Form

Finished 8-6

25th.  Tony Nguyen:

26th. argentinaflag Federico Turano: 

27th. japanflag Koutaro Nakagome: Alola Form

28th.  Luke Iuele:Alola Form

29th.  Martin Tan:https://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/426.png

30th. ukflag Rachel Annand:https://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/794.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/426.png

Finished 7-7

31st. ukflag Labhaoisa Cromie:

32nd.  Allister Sandover: https://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/794.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/426.png

Usage Stats

32 Teams
Pokemon Name Times Used % Of Teams
Arcanine  24 75%
Tapu Koko  16 50%
Garchomp  16
Tapu Lele  14 43.75%
Kartana  12 37.5%
Porygon2  10 31.25%
Gigalith  9 28.125%
Tapu Fini 9
Snorlax  8 25%
Muk-A Alola Form 7 21.875%
Celesteela  6 18.75%
Gyarados  5 15.625%
Drifblim  4 12.5%
Nihilego  4
Xurkitree  4
Buzzwole https://i0.wp.com/www.trainertower.com/wp-content/uploads/pokedexminisprites/794.png 3 9.375%
Tapu Bulu  3
Mandibuzz  3
Persian-A  3
Porygon-Z  3
Aerodactyl   2 6.25%
Magnezone 2
Ninetales-AAlola Form 2
Pheromosa   2
Smeargle  2
Araquanid  1 3.125%
Chansey   1
Clefairy  1
 Gastrodon East Sea 1
Golduck 1
Golisopod   1
Hariyama  1
Haunter  1
Marowak-A Alola Form 1
Milotic 1
Mimikyu  1
Oranguru 1
Pallosand  1
Pelipper  1
Raichu-A Alola Form 1
Talonflame  1
Togedemaru  1
Torkoal  1
Whimsicott  1



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  1. Where is Cybertron???

  2. What happened with nico’s kartana?

  3. wolfey is so darn consistent omg

  4. That Haunter makes me curious… Does somebody have the set?

    • It’s a scarf Haunter. Sludge Bomb + Shadow Ball. Not sure about the other 2 moves, but maybe HP Fire/Tbolt.

    • Yep, the last two moves were Hidden Power Ice and Clear Smog.

      • Wow, I applaud you for placing highly with Haunter! Just realized it still has levitate. But upon damage calcs, it doesn’t seem to always ko lele or garchomp. I initially saw Snorlax and immediately jumped to Eviolite+Trick Room, but Choice Scarf makes sense on your team”

  5. How do hack checks work? I hacked my game but caught or bred all my pokemon legit. Would i get banned?

  6. Baileygoodstuffs

    Tapu bulu is not in the usage stats

  7. What are hack checks like? If i gen, but caught/bred my entire team legit, would i still be kicked out? Don’t want my parents to drive me 4 hours to Indianapolis just to get kicked out.

    • It’s basically what you find on BattleSpot. If it passes that hack check and fits the most updated rules doc, you’ll be fine

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