Latin American International Championships

São Paulo, Brazil: April 21st-23rd, 2017

Official Stream Link:

English Re-Host:

Latin American International Championships – 186 Masters
Placing Player Prize Money Team Used CP
1st Ashton Cox [US]
$1500    500
2nd Javier Senorena [ES]
$750    400
3rd Gabriel Agati [BR]
$500    300
4th Carlos Ventura [PE] $500  300
 5th Ian McLaughlin [US]
 6th William Tansley [UK]
 7th Tommy Cooleen [US]
 8th Markus Stadter [DE]   240


Pokemon Amount Used No. of Times
 Arcanine 6 75.00%
 Porygon2 4 50.0%
 Tapu Lele 4
 Muk-Alola 3 37.5%
 Snorlax 3
Tapu Koko 3
2  25.0%
Pheromosa 2
 Tapu Fini
  Buzzwole 1 12.50%
 Gigalith 1
 Persian 1
 Tapu Bulu



  1. Without really asking these players how their team functions I will try to take my best estimation of how they work based on my experience and what I have seen from the streams. I really wanted to go to Brazil btw, but could not get my passport in time. I at least helped a friend named Julio Nasatto get 4-4 in Day1 of Brazil. Nobody pays me to write these things or help people out I am doing it for the passion of the sport.

    1. Ian’s team: Basically Xurkitree Smeargle counters most Lele Blim teams and seems good in general. If they do not have lightningrod then Xurkitree is pretty good in general, especially in Tailwind (TW) with Beast Boost and the threat of Tail Glow. Smeargle supports Xurkitree with Fake Out, TW, Follow Me, Wide Guard, Spore, etc. The fact that Smeargle is Normal type means it is immune to all of Drifblim’s usual attacks except Will-O-Wisp (WOW) which takes one turn to damage it. The rest of Ian’s team seems to function well in Tailwind and he has Pheromosa to support Nihilego from Kartana which outspeeds and ohkos, also high horsepower Snorlax and Trick Room Porygon2. Overall his team seems to be very anti-meta with the Nihilego Pheromosa combo and Smeargle Xurk with Intimidate support and Psychic Terrain to manipulate terrain in his favor. It is no wonder that he went 8-0 at Brazil.

    2. William uses the AFK core (Arcanine Fini Kartana) with Togedemaru Lith and P2. The P2 lith core is useful for hitting hard in trick room in general. Not many things wall that combo and it changes weather to mess up Double Ducks for example among other things. It is a great late-game sweeping option as long as TR goes up. Fini is supported well by Togedemaru and is very hard to kill at times. Togedemaru also supports other mons from dying to special attacks like Arcanine, and Kartana which Koko outspeeds. This forces Koko to use Dazzling Gleam at times. The fact that he has Porygon2 means he puts the threat of chomp at bay among with fini and a mon that outspeeds it (Kartana). Togedemaru normally worries about incoming ground mons like Garchomp, but provides good support with Fake Out and counters mons trying to set up on the bulky part of his team with encore (if he uses it). Overall his team has good defensive and offensive synergy and it is no wonder why he did so well in the tournament.

    3. Tommy used a team that looks similar to the one he used in previous tournaments I believe. The Double Ducks combo is great at countering a lot of the metagame now, especially with Tapu Koko to counter the water resists. Many people now use Koko Pelipper lead for Thunder (Rain supports Thunder’s accuracy) and Golduck in back. This makes countering it very difficult with the usual counters such as Sunny Day Drifblim lead. Buzzwole also plays a role in countering opposing Trick Room teams or Lax from walling his offensive potential with his other mons and in a sense is used as a wall/stall breaker. Porygon2 Muk has been used by a lot of top players in this tournament because Muk’s only weakness is Ground which Porygon2 kills the usual ground mon (Garchomp) often times in one hit or at least coming close. Muk does counter the Super Sitrus berry metagame by knock off spamming and is great for scouting their items for a b03 (great in game 1 especially for this).

    4. Markus has a really unique team that was similar to his ONOG (Geico tournament) one. The idea behind it seems to be Volt Switch + Parting Shot shenanigans with Koko and Persian. Also getting another fake out from all the switching is highly beneficial at times. As with William he uses the strong AFK core which is well-balanced. See Cyberton’s explanation of it on his Youtube channel. Fini Koko means he likely uses nature power Koko which I believe I saw in the ONOG tournament. Having intimidate and a mix of terrains means he is constantly messing up his opponents’ strategies. Snorlax is something that is hard to kill and may be greatly helped to set up by Parting Shot + Arcanine switch-in for example on the defensive and sp defensive side.

    5. Ashton Cox uses LillyTork (I coined the name) here. This was one of the first combos in the season. It still remains to have very high potential as long as Sleep Powder hits and they do not wake up for awhile. Ashton can just switch out Lilligant’s ally to Lele if he really wants to Sleep Powder something while electric or misty terrain is in effect. After You Eruption can be very threatening either as a lead or in the back. He also has the Mimikyu Snorlax combo (btw you see a lot of random 2 or 3 mon combos on a lot of these top8 teams) as another option vs teams that seem to lack enough offense to hinder it (vs bulky teams). Snorlax as well as Torkoal can be used to counter Trick Room. Pheromosa also plays into this role by threatening both Snorlax and Porygon2 heavily.

    6. Javier’s team of lele arcanine 9tales garchomp porygon2 muk seems somewhat well-balanced. Lele Arcanine is a pretty good combo by itself as it is a great combo offensively and defensively. I find it a little odd that he uses garchomp without a ground immunity, something I would not recommend, but may fill the spot of countering Muk as well as other things like Arcanine on his team. Ninetales is useful for countering Gyarados as well as Chomp and many other mons that are common. Porygon2 Muk is a good combo as explained in other analyses even though you never know what speed the opponent will be.

    7. Garbiel battled on stream with this team that basically is Wolfey’s team with Arcanine replacing Magnezone. Not sure if this was on purpose, but I have a feeling it was. He took an old team that was proven to be good and used it again which many people did not prepare for. Some pokemon to me like Salamence still seem bad, but I did not see how he used it. I believe it had the same moves as before with Z Dmeteor. I think the updated one should be using Z fly with Dragon Dance, and it seemed like he realized Mence wasnt too good so only picked it in some games. The Bulu was useful for negating the effect of Garchomp after the threat of Tect Rage was gone for negating the rest of his team’s ground weaknesses. Of course some moves like High Horsepower are unaffected by Grassy Terrain, but he had counters to Mudsdale such as Politoed. The rain setup is really anti-meta, as everyone uses Arcanine (most teams use it now). I kept telling people that Bulu in Rain with Leech Seed was the only way to use it, otherwise the very common Arcanines beat it. P2 Muk is also a great combo as explained in other analyses.

    8. Finally I am onto Carlos’s team of Lele Koko Celesteela Arcanine Garchomp Snorlax. The Arcanine Snorlax combo seems to be great in general for reducing damage from Kartana’s Sacred Sword. I am not sure if he uses curse or belly drum lax, but I am guessing curse as he has no trick room setup to use it with. Snorlax seems to function as his main trick room counter along with Arcanine and the bulk on Celesteela and Protects to stall it out. Garchomp Celesteela are overall great partners and cover each others’s weaknesses such as Celesteela being weak to fire and electric and Chomp being weak to Ice mons or Fairies which it can Heavy Slam Lele or Leech Seed Fini. Koko seems good with Arcanine, and he may use Extremespeed here even with the Lele on his team in order to finish off Garchomp after it has taken a Dazzling Gleam from what I can guess is a Specs Koko. Volt Switch + Intimidate is also great at times. Lele seems to function well with Arcanine and has good offensive synergy with Koko. It can bring in its powerful terrain by Koko volt switching to it even if they counter Koko’s terrain to reduce its damage.

    • Thanks for analyzing everything! It was a fun comment to read!

    • I liked your analysis, it was nice insight. However you came off as a bit obsessive over lele balloon match ups. Which is fine but it’s a team that seems to have fallen behind in this current meta, you can look at the results from the last few major events or so and see that.

      • I appreciate all the feedback so far. Yes I seemed a bit obsessive over Lele Blim since that is what I have been using and am familiar with. Also in hindsight I realized that Gabriel Agati used Physical Mence so it can actually do pretty well even in Misty Terrain. And Arcanine helps with the Celesteela matchup.

  2. Is so bad when a brazilian do not have the money to visit another state when americans had the money to visit another country.

    This is just sad.

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