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    Please read this thread before posting in the sign-ups thread! Also, you sign up on the >sign-ups thread<, not on this thread. If you sign up on this thread and somehow manage to get drafted I will hide your post and change your avatar to an ugly Pokemon for the remainder of the season.

    Welcome to NPA 7! This thread will contain an up-to-date list of rules and regulations for this season. Any changes made after the initial posting will be highlighted in red and will be noted at the bottom of this OP. Please check this change log at the beginning of each week to make sure that you're up to date on everything! If you have questions about anything here please post below, I'll do my best to respond.

    Changes from last year's commencement:

    • Flames and Associates are gone, Dawg and Avatar Fede take over expansion teams
    • Rene Alvarenga replaces Braverius as Sea Dogs manager
    • Braverius replaces JenBamo as head commissioner
    • Format changed to VGC 2018 for all tiers
    • Season length increased from 9 weeks to 11 weeks
    • Playoff tiebreakers changed to make things more simple and clear from the outset
    • Draft date set as December 23rd
    • Midseason is now part of week 6
    • Players must be sold back upon roster submission for week 6, and auction will occur during week 6
    • Players obtained during midseason auction may not play for their new team until week 7
    • Section for expansion team poaching added, same rules apply
    • Retain cap vote in place to determine 2 or 3 retains; concludes 12/3
    • Retained players can no longer be traded
    • Rosters not received by week start time will be assembled based on players with the most match wins and then randomized
    • Managers can override a commissioner decision with a 2/3 majority vote
    • Commissioner can play (waiting on vote to confirm / deny this)
    • Replays must be posted, if one replay is posted then only half of a black mark will be received, else a full mark if no replays
    • Three black marks will result in a loss of point for a team. Each following mark will result in a point loss.

    Season Schedule & Setup

    Total teams: 12
    Commissioner: Braverius

    Wolfey (Hearthome Holy Spirits)
    | [NPA 6 Champion] [NPA 4 Champion] [NPA 5 Semifinalist] [NPA 2 Semifinalist]
    kingofmars (Fortree Brave Birds) | [NPA 5 Champion] [NPA 3 Semifinalist]
    Benji (Goldenrod Rollouts) | [NPA 3 Champion]
    TalkingLion (Fuchsia Ninjas) | [NPA 5 Finalist] [NPA 4 Finalist] [NPA 2 Semifinalist]
    Jio (Lilycove Cruisers) | [NPA 3 Finalist] [NPA 4 Semifinalist]
    Tman (Malie City Monarchs) | [NPA 6 Finalist]
    Rene Alvarenga (Sootopolis Sea Dogs) | [NPA 6 Semifinalist]
    Tan (Celestic Stars) | [NPA 4 Semifinalist]
    DrFidget (Celadon City Gamblers)
    Pokealex (Akala Toucans)
    Avatar Fede (Team TBD)

    Dawg (Team TBD)

    Format: VGC 2018 for all slots
    Replays: All replays must be posted. If you fail to share replays, you must post your team's importable in the thread. If you refuse to do this as well, it will result in a black mark against your team. If your team receives 3 black marks, it will lose a point. Each black mark after the third will result in a lost point thereafter.
    Medium: Pokemon Showdown is the default battling medium. You may request to play on cart, but if the opponent declines, the match must be played on Pokemon Showdown. If the match is played on cart, VODs or replay codes must be posted in the week's thread for the replay to be considered valid.
    Season Length: 11 Regular Season Weeks + 3 Playoff Weeks
    Schedule Format: Fixed schedule, round robin
    Playoff teams: 5
    Points: 5 points for a win, 2 points for a tie
    Playoff tiebreakers: Points > Match Wins > Head to Head W/L/T (Match result only, battle win/loss of match does not count) > Battle Win Percentage > Electrode Explosion 1v1
    Players per team per week: 8 during regular season, 7 during playoffs
    Draft format: Auction, 120k budget, 0.5 increments, starting bid of 3k.
    Roster cap: 15 players
    Retain Rules: Only players who have signed up can be retained. Players who have been retained cannot be traded. Retain cost is 10k or last season's draft price + 3k, whichever is higher. Players who were drafted at midseason last season cannot be retained.
    Expansion Team Poaching: Once the initial retain period is over, the two expansion teams will be able to retain one player from the remaining player pool from last season at the cost of retains. The team with the highest budget remaining at the end of the two week retain period will get to choose first. If the two teams have the same budgets, the managers will submit a list of their top two choices, ranked, to the commissioner. If this cannot resolve the situation, a die will be rolled. Players from the now-defunct Flames and Associates may not be retained.
    Retain cap: 2-3 players (awaiting manager vote)
    Trade Deadline: End of week 5
    Midseason Rules: Players can be sold back for 50% of their original cost. Bidding increments and starting bid for midseason will be the same as the original draft. The midseason draft will be carried out in a non-live format and bids will be locked after 24 hours of inactivity.
    Draft Date: December 23rd, 9pm GMT+0
    Relegation: At the end of a season, a team must meet both standards in order to avoid relegation:
    Standard A: Score above 10 points during the season
    Standard B: Score an average of two points per game (using the current points system) over the course of the past three seasons combined OR make the playoffs one of the last three years. The "last three years" section only applies beginning next season, but is placed to alert managers to it this year.
    Additional Rule 1: Matches will follow the same timer rules as the VGC circuit.
    Additional Rule 2: Managers can override a commissioner decision with a 2/3 majority vote.
    Roster Submission: Rosters not submitted by the week start time will be assembled based on most player match wins and then randomized

    Pre-Season Schedule
    Dec 1 - Dec 11 at 11:59pm GMT+0
    Retain Period: Dec 1 - Dec 15 at 11:59pm GMT+0
    Expansion Team Retain Deadline: Dec 18 at 11:59pm GMT+0
    Draft: December 23rd at 9pm GMT+0

    Season Schedule

    All weeks will begin on Tuesday at 12:01am GMT+0 and end on Monday at 11:59pm GMT+0.

    Week 1: Dec 26 - Jan 1
    Week 2: Jan 2 - Jan 8
    Week 3: Jan 9 - Jan 15
    Week 4: Jan 16 - Jan 22
    Week 5: Jan 23 - Jan 29
    Midseason: Players to be sold back will be declared with roster submission for week 6. Midseason auction will launch with week 6. Players claimed during the midseason auction can play for their new team beginning week 7.
    Week 6: Jan 30 - Feb 5
    Week 7: Feb 6 - Feb 12
    Week 8: Feb 13 - Feb 19
    Week 9: Feb 20 - Feb 26
    Week 10: Feb 27 - Mar 5
    Week 11: Mar 6 - Mar 12
    Quarterfinals: Mar 13 - Mar 19
    Semifinals: Mar 20 - Mar 26
    Finals: Mar 27 - Apr 2
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