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Championship Point Wrap Up: A 2017 North America Analysis

Photo by Doug Morisoli

With the distribution of Championship Points this season, players have been playing year-round to get themselves in a favorable position going into the North American International Championships. The top players will fight over the top eight spots of their respective rating zones in an attempt to bypass the first day of the 2017 Pokémon World Championships, while many others are still in the hunt for their invite.

*Not all placements have been uploaded into the CP Score Board, though this is a personally maintained accounting.

Placement Championship Points Kicker
1 500 0
2 400 0
3–4 300 0
5–8 240 0
9–16 180 64
17–32 120  128
33–64 80 256
65–128 40 512
129-256 20 1,024

The Original Spreadsheet is linked here

These placings are up to date as of publication. Updates will be made as appropriate.

Group A: Locked for Worlds | 1289 (Ashton Cox) – 500 (James Court) + Wolfe Glick, Jonathan Evans and Carson Confer


Group B: Top 128 Needed | 487 (James Baek) – 468 (Jean-Marc Hebert)


Group C: Top 64 Needed | 436 (Joohwan Kim) – 420 (Demitrios Kaguras)


Group D: Top 32 Needed | 414 (Danny Hemchand) – 389 (Nicholas Borghi)


Group E: Top 16 Needed | 448 (Alex Collins) – 331 (Jeremy Odena)


Group F: Top 8 Needed | 316 (Justin Wan) – 331 (Tee Jay)


Group G: Top 4 Needed | 258 (Toler Webb) – 200 (Preston Clark)


Group H: Top 2 Needed | 195 (Kyle Morris) – 100 (Luis Diaz)

This Group needs an extremely deep run. There are some likely contenders however. As 2014 has shown, players from this group can definitely earn their invite.


Group #$%^@ Everything: Need to win the whole damn thing | (99) Scott Iwafuchi – (1) ZettaC

Yeah… this will be tough. If anyone can pull it off though, it’s Probably JiveTime or Ray Rizzo. They need to go all the way, so time to try your best, guys!

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  1. It’s strange to see Ray Rizzo so low that he has to win everything to get an invite. Of course, if anyone can, he can.

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