Championship Point Wrap Up: A 2017 North America Analysis

Photo by Doug Morisoli

With the distribution of Championship Points this season, players have been playing year-round to get themselves in a favorable position going into the North American International Championships. The top players will fight over the top eight spots of their respective rating zones in an attempt to bypass the first day of the 2017 Pokémon World Championships, while many others are still in the hunt for their invite.

*Not all placements have been uploaded into the CP Score Board, though this is a personally maintained accounting.

Placement Championship Points Kicker
1 500 0
2 400 0
3–4 300 0
5–8 240 0
9–16 180 64
17–32 120  128
33–64 80 256
65–128 40 512
129-256 20 1,024

The Original Spreadsheet is linked here

These placings are up to date as of publication. Updates will be made as appropriate.

Group A: Locked for Worlds | 1289 (Ashton Cox) – 500 (James Court) + Wolfe Glick, Jonathan Evans and Carson Confer

This group is the group that has performed well all season and has already earned their worlds invite. Deciding the placings needed for the Day 2 US and Canada Invite is near impossible to tell with more than a 100 point variable.

Expect them to do well, as they are the most likely North Americans to win the event if we’re being honest.

Player Handle CP Count
 Ashton Cox Linkyoshimario 1289
 Tommy Cooleen Tman 1144
 Nick Navarre Nails 1130
 Chuppa Cross Chuppa 1033
 Gavin Michaels KingOfMars 868
 Conan Thompson Conan 844
 Andrew Nowak AceNowak 810
 Riley Factura GENGARboi_ 779
 Zheyuan Huang Ken 679 
 Paul Chua pwny person 672
 Joshua Lorcy lorcylovesyou 635
 Stephan Mea Gramgus 634
 Carson Confer Carson 627
 Dane Zieman AoJ 626
 Wolfe Glick Wolfey 625
 Justin Crubaugh iMagikarp 616
 Giovanni Costa OmegaGio 588
 Ethan Simpson PacoTaco 587
 Aaron Zheng Cybertron 583
 Justin Burns Spurrific 578
Louis Milich
Uncle Lou
 Alex Underhill Lexicon 552
Justin Carris Azazel 550
Trista Medine Ryuzaki 534
 Kamran Jahadi Kamz 533
Matthew Greaves picklesword 527
Tyler Bennett AtTehCross 525
Patrick Smith Salamenace 525
Gary Qian Hitmonqian 520
Aaron Traylor Unreality 515
Chris Danzo Lunar 513
Andy Himes Amarillo  512
Jeremy Gross JZG 507
Rajan Bal Blarajan 506
Alberto Lara Sweeper 506
Terry Hong iplayvgc 501
James Court 500


Group B: Top 128 Needed | 487 (James Baek) – 468 (Jean-Marc Hebert)

These players are literally in the same situation as group C, however, they can earn their invite with a Top 128 finish.

If the tournament hits the kicker for Top 128 CP (512 players required), then these players will basically have their invites 100% locked with a 6-3 (or high resistance 5-4) finish.

Player Handle CP Count
James Baek
Jamesspeed1 487
Alvin Hidayat
Jibaku 479
Bridger Snow
squirtwo 476
Jake Skurchak
Pokebeys 469
Jean-Marc Hebert


Group C: Top 64 Needed | 436 (Joohwan Kim) – 420 (Demitrios Kaguras)

This group is 100 percent safe for a Worlds invite if they can make day 2, based off of Internationals attendance trends. Even if they go negative on day 2, they have locked up their invite.

A 6-3 record on Day 1 with high resistance can also give them their invite. Here’s to a 6-0 start!

Player Handle CP Count
Joohwan Kim
Nathan Wright
Mechanics 430
Corey Esmeier
Invidious 430
Grant Weldon
Velocity 429
Diana Bros
Eshi 427
Jeremy Rodrigues
 Serapis 427
Myles Kristalovich
Drakon 425
Demitrios Kaguras
Kingdjk 420


Group D: Top 32 Needed | 414 (Danny Hemchand) – 389 (Nicholas Borghi)

Many of these players will need to do much better than they have previously before at previous Nationals. A 10-4 record (between both days) will 100 percent lock up their invite to the World Championships.

9-5 can also give them a guaranteed invite if day 2 has few players due to low attendance. If it is a larger tournament, an overall record of 9-5 can squeeze them into top 32.

Player Handle CP Count
Danny Hemchand
ImJabberwocky 414
Collin Heier
TheBattleRoom 413
Tyler Miller
Invidious 410
Ben Piercy
Qertyk 407
Brady Smith
brady1225 406
Matthew Jackson
SwaggyMcBuckets 406
Robbie Moore
Rakom 404
Hayden McTavish
Enigne 400
Leonard Craft
DaWoblefet 391
Jon Hu
JHufSelf 391
Raghav Malaviya
Mudhiman 391
Nicholas Borghi
LightCore 389


Group E: Top 16 Needed | 448 (Alex Collins) – 331 (Jeremy Odena)

This group requires at least an 11-3 record to lock up their Worlds invite. 10-4 record will do depending on the size of day 2. Or, with good resistance, they can squeeze into top 16 if there are many competitors in day 2.

Player Handle CP Count
AJ Collins
Nerd of Now
Kimo Nishimura
TFC 370
Kyle Hudson
Brandon Tuchtenhagen
Kotori 359
Bryan Burnett
 Golden Goose 354
Emilio Estrada
Samuel Haarsma
Dr_Fidget 347
Jack Ducette
Martin Gajdosz
StarRaikou 344
Jake Hockemeyer
Justin Ramirez
Lukamir 342
Justin Wan
Keegan Meyer
FocusSashedIt_ 336
Thomas McCready
Tmac 336
Kazi Rahman
Mitchell Davies
MissingNoL 332
Jeremy Odena


Group F: Top 8 Needed | 316 (Justin Wan) – 331 (Tee Jay)

This group requires a top 8 at the US International Championships. This will require a 12-2 record to be 100 percent safe. An 11-3 record will rely on resistance or be guaranteed depending on the size of day 2. A 10-4 record and  having high resistance is necessary to make cut depending on the size of day 2

Player Handle CP Count
William Hall
Biosci 311
Kyle Gordon
Utah 310
William Collins
Wiretap 308
Nicholas Jorgensen
Megamite 307
Markell Thornton
Mellow 307
Max Douglas
Dylan Salvanera
Brandon Meckley
Alexandre Lebel
Warchomp 289
Enosh Shachar
Human 284
Nick Sefranek
Sefranek 280
Sam Partin
Charoshi 277
Stephen Morioka
Morioka 276
Nikolai Zelinski
Nikolai 270
Yan Rodriguez
 Nucleose 269
Greg Rowson
Steven Lasso
 Elemt 265
Evan Thomas
IFM 262
Tee Jay
Tee Jay  260


Group G: Top 4 Needed | 258 (Toler Webb) – 200 (Preston Clark)

The Simon Yip memorial group. These players need to win their top 8 set. Otherwise, they will face an unfortunate fate.

Toler Webb Dim 258
Jake Muller Majorbowman 256
Joseph Selmer ModernGamer 248
Jose Reyes Homes SirTirzoj 242
Raphael Bagara Rapha 241
Austin Bastida-Ramos Sync 241
David Mancuso Mancuso 239
Caleb Ryor Cable 239
Qi Wei 227
Tianyi Liu 227
Mario Serrano Mario_C 227
Daravone Souphommanychanh Squinty 227
Jordan Edwards GillySuits 224
Fiona Szymkiewicz 213
Kazuki Kanehira Kazuki 220
Anthony Stefani MrAndo 218
Kamaal Harris FonicFrog 216
Ajit Unnam Kamikaze 216
Daniel Thorpe TTT444 210
Zhengle Tu Jack Fantasy 209
Brian Youm Seven_Poke 209
Yuki Zaninovich 205
ccvVGC ccv 204
Nick Titan Titan 203
Ryan Schambers DeagleBeagle 202
Rey Steevenson López 201
Adrian Sigler SaagAloo 200
Travis Evans Shinryu 200
Preston Clark Snooze 200


Group H: Top 2 Needed | 195 (Kyle Morris) – 100 (Luis Diaz)

This Group needs an extremely deep run. There are some likely contenders however. As 2014 has shown, players from this group can definitely earn their invite.


Group #$%^@ Everything: Need to win the whole damn thing | (99) Scott Iwafuchi – (1) ZettaC

Yeah… this will be tough. If anyone can pull it off though, it’s Probably JiveTime or Ray Rizzo. They need to go all the way, so time to try your best, guys!

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  1. It’s strange to see Ray Rizzo so low that he has to win everything to get an invite. Of course, if anyone can, he can.

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