Smugleaf’s got Swag! First Place Malmö Regionals Report

So, I’m Jamie Boyt and I am a now three-time Regional Champion, having just won the Malmö Regional Championships. I am also a YouTuber who puts out Battle Spot content. I have done a report on this team in video form which can be found here. Team’s Achievements First, Malmö Regional Championship Top 64, Oceania International Championships The Team Link ...

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Team Report – Lopunny and friends take on Oceania

My name is Graham Amedee, aka Ammodee and I’m a member of the Brisbane Buzzwoles. I started playing Pokémon at the start of 2015, primarily on the Battle Spot Singles ladder on Pokémon Showdown. I found this was a fun way to spend some time in between work and gym. My brother, Paul Amedee (BB_Mastodon), encouraged me to play VGC, ...

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Milotic among the stars – a 7th place London IC report

Hello everyone! I’m Davide Carrer, a VGC player from Milan, Italy. You may also know me from my Twitter or IGN, Nirinbo (@Nirinbo_VGC). I started playing competitively at the end of VGC 16, knowing a lot about Pokemon, but nothing about VGC itself. In roughly one year, I earned some important achievements, such as second place at Lipsia Regionals, a ...

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