Everything’s Coming Up Aces – Top 16 NAIC Team Report

Art by the amazing @TamtamVGC! It was about time. Introduction Hey there. My name’s Jake, and this past weekend, I placed 12th at the 2018 North American International Championships. If you know one thing about my Pokémon career, it’s that this tournament has plagued me ever since I started playing. Between 2015 and 2017, I had 5 different chances to ...

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SiuHin – Hong Kong MSS & Regional Champion Report

I am Yuen Nga Hin (SiuHin) from Hong Kong. Twitter: @SiuHinVGC Blog: HKVGC website: Despite winning a few Midseason Showdowns and an Open in my four years of VGC career, (and getting four consecutive Worlds invites), I hadn’t (until now) won any Regionals. Fortunately, this year I won the biggest tournament in Hong Kong! Many thanks to my ...

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Big Mama! – Top 8 Roanoke Regional Team Report

Hey there everyone! My name is Andrew Davis, and you may recognize me from the Tri-State Area VGC scene or from my YouTube Channel where I do VGC Battles. I have been playing VGC since the 2015 season, and I competed at Worlds in 2016. Since 2016, I have taken a more casual approach to VGC, going to events mostly ...

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