Alessio Yuri Boschetto, Oceania International champion and current king of consistency

It was only a matter of time until one of Italy’s best VGC players, Alessio Yuri Boschetto, top-cut an International Championship. He’d been close to pulling it off during his past four attempts. But when his eternal rival Simone Sanvito managed to win this season’s European International Championship, it should have served as an omen for things to come. It ...

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Major VGC streamers unite to form community Discord server

In an effort to consolidate the VGC streaming community, Alexander “Hibiki” Kuhn has joined forces with a number of other prominent streamers to create a communal Discord server. “The goal in mind is that, instead of having fans of VGC streams scattered across individual streamer Discords, we try to get everyone under one roof,” Kuhn said. “This not only helps ...

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Rules for the Pokémon VGC 2018 Season Announced

The rules for the Pokémon 2018 Video Game Championship format have been announced! These rules will replace the current VGC17 rules on January 1st, 2018 for all sanctioned VG events. The VGC 2017 ruleset resembles Battle Spot Doubles as played on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, though Pokémon from previous generations are unable to be used. This excludes Pokémon such ...

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