Battle Road Gloria National Convention

The Battle Road Gloria LCQ as well as Finals were held on the weekend of March 18th-19th, 2017. These are the teams from the players that qualified for the main event that was held on Sunday. All credit for these teams is given to Amalgame. The original teams and post can be viewed here at

1st. KOOTA (@koota488)

2nd. DJ (@dj_poke523)

3rd. じーん (@zeen172M)

4th. もうだめだ (@moudameda1)

5th. 勝海 (@Kaaaaatsumii)

6th. 柚樹 (@Yuzuki_Politoed)
Alola Form

7th. バルドル (@barudoru)

8th. ryokon (@ryokonVGC)

9th. げべぼ (@gebebo)

10th. 凛 (@gozira2004)

11th. ねくさす (@Nexus_0570)

12th. おやつ (@oyaaa)
Alola Form

13th. こまーる (@komatta_man)

14th. ウォルフォン (@WorldRyuver)
Alola Form

15th. YT (@YTPPSR)

16th. マッスル (@poke06281488)

17th. ワイルド (@ace_wild)
Alola Form

18th. とーりん (@tonpei_torin)
Alola Form

19th. シルディア (@sirudyapoke)

20th. りゅうざき (@ryuzaki0403)

21st. くわっちょ (@sabpokemon)

22nd. ノブ (@nobygon)
Alola Form

23rd. ジャッキー (@jackie_marisa)
Alola Form

24th. ともし (@tomoshi99)

25th. まめた (@mame_tan326)

26th. レモネード (@remone_do)
Alola Form

27th. おみ (@Raito_star)


Pokemon Amount Used % of Teams
Arcanine 23 85.19%
Tapu Koko 20 74.07%
Garchomp 15 55.56%
Celesteela 14 51.85%
Tapu Fini 12 44.44%
Gigalith 9 33.33%
Kartana 9
Ninetales 8 29.63%
Porygon2 7 25.93%
Snorlax 7
Tapu Lele 5 18.52%
Togedemaru 5
Mimikyu 3 11.11%
Mandibuzz 3
Hariyama 3
Whimsicott 3
Aerodactyl 2 7.41%
Gastrodon 2
Pheromosa 2
Flygon 1 3.70%
Gengar 1
Glaceon 1
Nihilego 1
Persian 1
Raichu 1
Salamence 1
Salazzle 1
Silvally 1
Vanilluxe 1


  1. Are there videos from the event??

  2. What was Silvally’s set?

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