Battle Road Gloria 2017

What is Battle Road Gloria?

Battle Road Gloria is a grassroots tournament series held voluntarily every year in Japan. It consists of around 1000 participants each year. Currently it is being organised by Masa, and in conjunction with sponsorship from AMALGAME, Razer and msy, this year’s prize pool sits at 1,060,000 ¥ (~9000 USD).

The Battle Road Gloria is a circuit in itself with qualifying tournaments (regionals) being held all over Japan. These regional level events are all played in a best of 1 format, with the exception of the Kanto Regional. The number of players that qualify for the main event depends on the number of players at that regional.

Similar to how Championship Points work, the player count must reach a certain threshold (kicker) for more players to qualify for the main event.

This year’s Battle Road Gloria has almost reached its finale, with the Battle Road Gloria LCQ event being played this Saturday (3/18), and the Battle Road Gloria Main Event being played this Sunday (3/19).

Tournament Structure

What makes this year’s Battle Road Gloria special is that players from overseas will also be competing in the Gloria LCQ, vying for a chance to compete in the main event. Well-known non-Japanese players including Markus Stadter, Baris Akcos, Aaron Zheng, Sejun Park and Wonseok Jang will be joining the local players for this huge event.

Currently, 19 players have qualified for the main event, and it is estimated that 200 players will be playing in the Gloria LCQ. Using the Battle Road Gloria qualification system, this means that 7 out of those 200 players will make it to the main event. This leaves ~25(26) players that will compete on Sunday. Both the LCQ and the Main Event will be played in a Best of 3 format.

Battle Road Gloria LCQ

If there are 200 players playing in the LCQ as estimated, these players will be divided into two flights. Each flight will play in 7 rounds, after which all X-2 or greater records will advance to a single elimination bracket. The Top 3 players from each single elimination bracket will qualify for the main event, and 4th place from both brackets will battle to decide who makes it to the next stage.

Note : Qualification contingent on number of players present, as per Battle Road Gloria qualification system.

Battle Road Gloria Main Event

The main event for Battle Road Gloria will have 5 rounds of Best of 3 Swiss, followed by a Top 8 Single Elimination bracket. These 8 players will have the chance to be crowned the Gloria Champion for 2017.


This year’s event is sponsored by AMALGAME, Msy and Razer.

1st Place – 300,000 ¥ (~2650 USD)
2nd Place – 150,000 ¥ (~1320 USD)
3rd Place – 100,000 ¥ (~880 USD)
4th Place – 70,000 ¥ ( ~620 USD)
Top 8 – 50,000 ¥ (~440 USD)
Top 16 – 30,000 ¥ (~260 USD)

Total prize money = 1,060,000 Yen (~9000 USD) 


The Battle Road Gloria LCQ starts at 9:30 AM JST on 3/18, and the Main Event will start at a similar time on 3/19. You can watch the action live here at

The stream can also be watched in English, courtesy of Markus Stadter at

More information regarding the schedule, prizing, qualification and sponsors of Battle Road Gloria can be found on and on their Twitter Page.


  1. Why can’t we make a similar thing in europe too?!

    • Because Gamefreak is bad in Europa. One International, not many Regionals and country Premier Challenge.

      • Not GameFreak, TPCi. GameFreak develops the games and little more than that. TPCi is the entitiy that looks over the whole franchise in the West. They’re the ones who don’t care about VGC.

  2. This is a grassroots tournament. Nothing to do with TPCI, Game Freak, Nintendo, or any other official organization.

    It’s up to the players to organize events like this.

  3. I don’t understand how this event is legal. Japan seems pretty strict about gambling and my understanding is that any game in which luck can trump skill, ie poker, is considered gambling and is not legal. I would be curious to know if the tournament has an entry fee and how the prizes are distributed to the top participants.

  4. Where I can find the top cut team?

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