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Major VGC streamers unite to form community Discord server

In an effort to consolidate the VGC streaming community, Alexander “Hibiki” Kuhn has joined forces with a number of other prominent streamers to create a communal Discord server. “The goal in mind is that, instead of having fans of VGC streams scattered across individual streamer Discords, we try to get everyone under one roof,” Kuhn said. “This not only helps ...

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TPCI releases statement on confusion surrounding London IC registration

The Pokémon Company International has released a statement through a PR representative speaking on behalf of the company explaining the perceived issues with player registration that marred an otherwise successful European International Championships. “The player cap that was initially posted on Poké was an internal planning number based on multiple factors, including attendance at last year’s EU International Championships, other ...

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2017 San Jose Regional Championship preview

San Jose Regionals Preview Written by Jeremy Gross Welcome to the first 2018 season preview, which will hopefully become a staple article before most major tournaments. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the players and metagame trends to watch out for at this weekend’s San Jose regionals, the second to last VGC 2017 regional in North America. Metagame FAKEPG/SNACKChomp/Goodstuffs ...

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