2018-Format Rutgers Fireside Open

Rutgers Fireside Open VGC 2018 Tournament

New Brunswick: New Jersey; United States: 12/2/17

Rutgers Pokémon hosted the first ever VGC 2018 tournament! It was hosted as a part of the Fireside Open 2017, one of the biggest collegiate Esports event on the east coast.

There were 21 participants.

Rutgers Pokémon Facebook Group

Fireside Open Facebook Event

Rutgers Esports Facebook Page

Fireside Open Pokémon Bracket and Matches (Hosted by Battlefy)

Placing/Seed Player Team Used
1st (3) Stephen Mea
2nd (5) Chuppa Cross
3rd (1) Paul Chua
4th (2) Mihrab Samad
5th (4) Bryan Tong
6th (6 Irving Johnson
7th (7) Will Vega
8th (8) Steven Lasso

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  1. Interesting teams! Excited to see how the meta develops.

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